The art work … Prodaje se … On sale… intends to open the communication with the environment, which the Museum passes or doesn’t notice.

By using the laconic language of commercials, devoid of any aesthetic and persuasion, the art work has the intention to make a turnaround, speaks to a different audience, potential supporters and friends of the market calculation.

However, since it’s using the existing communication signs and telecommunication infrastructure, the work is quite democratic and subversive; releases the imperative of spending power, because everybody can call and offer a price, a fictional price which is just as fictional as the sale!

Straightforward and banal, the work is making his place on the playground, where confusion is a symptom of global disorder.

It asks some of the important questions regarding the position of art in society, recognizing the common themes such as: unsteady protective mechanisms of the public good, with a performance by the neoliberal free market turning down the values of the cultural content and his ousting from the list of needs of the average citizen of Croatia.

As a conductor of the State in social landscape, watching the thin line between fiction and reality, the question arises: could the Temple of art also be on sale?